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NOWY Grand Lubicz - Ustka

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16 Dec 19
17 Dec 19
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For Mums-to-Be and Mums-just-Have-Been

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Yummy Mummy Ceremony

A relaxing and wonderfully nourishing ceremony dedicated to future mums as well as the breastfeeding women. A soft exotic exfoliation based on the sea salt, powder of lotus seeds as well as extracts of refreshing fruit will be enriched with a relaxing massage and a beautifying coconut mask. Your skin will be stronger ready for the changes to come. This treatment shall make it firm, smooth like clouds and smelling of the coco nuts and exotic fruit. Give your soul a break! Prepare for the millennium of your life!

Price from: 350pln
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Yummy Mummy Massage

A special massaging technique as well as a safe body position allows you to relax, loosen the muscles of burdened body parts, reduce tensions as well as make your legs free of swellings. The skin becomes stronger and immune to stretch marks.

Price from: 190pln
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